What is this?

Service Catalog Puppet is a framework that enables you to provision service catalog products into accounts that need to have them. You declare your service catalog products and the accounts you want them to be available in via a configuration file. Service Catalog Puppet then walks through this configuration file and determines which products need to be made available in which accounts. You can use tags or account numbers to indicate which products should be available in which accounts. For example if using tags for both accounts and products, products tagged dev will be made available in accounts tagged dev.

The framework works through your lists, dedupes and spots collisions and then provisions the products into your AWS accounts for you. It handles Service Portfolio sharing, accepting Portfolio shares and can provision products cross account and cross region.

High level architecture diagram

../_images/whatisthis.pngWhat is this

You use an AWS CodeBuild project in a central puppet account that provisions AWS Service Catalog Products into spoke accounts on your behalf. The framework takes care of cross account sharing and cross region product replication for you.